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Our Story


Labour Together was built by a group of MPs -  Shabana Mahmood, Steve Reed, Bridget Phillipson, Wes Streeting, Lucy Powell, Rachel Reeves, Jim McMahon, Jon Cruddas and Lisa Nandy - who wanted to see Labour back in power. 

In Labour’s wilderness years, Labour Together fought to make the party electable again. In 2020, with Morgan McSweeney as Director, it united the party behind Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign. In the years since, Keir Starmer has reformed the party, placed the country’s interests at its heart, and put Labour on the path to power. 

Now, more than ever, Britain needs Labour in power. The world is in flux, with war on the continent for the first time in a generation and the global economy in turmoil. Britain, meanwhile, lags far behind its peers. The chaos of the long Conservative administration has seen our economy stalling, strikers take to the streets, and public services at breaking point. 

While this is a time of challenge, it is also one of opportunity. Britain still has great strengths. We have a long and proud history. We are an industrious people. We have brilliant businesses and world-leading industries. Decline is not inevitable. 

Committed to seeing Labour back in power, Labour Together is a think tank putting forward a new vision for Britain under a Keir Starmer administration. We are proposing policies that will equip a Labour government for power, and ideas that connect Labour to the people, living up to Keir’s promise to make the Labour Party the “political wing of the British people” again.

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What We Do

We answer the big questions

Britain faces profound challenges but also, with the right direction, a wealth of opportunity. We ask and answer the big questions about the direction Britain is taking.

We connect Labour and the nation

In conversation with the public - through polls, focus groups and citizens' assemblies - we are bringing the voices of the British people to the heart of the Labour Party.

We look beyond politics

Stuck in Westminster, British politics is blinkered. We believe that the bold ideas that will make Britain better exist elsewhere. So we draw them in from across the country, and from every possible source, including businesses, local communities, charities, academics, and fellow think tanks.